South korea, US To Increase Anti-missile Defence As North Korea Completes Nuclear Bomb Tests

On Sunday, September 3, North Korea announced that it has perfected the test for its hydrogen bomb. In response, South Korea and the United States have announced that they will deploy more of their anti-missile defences.
This announcement was made by Seoul’s defence ministry on Monday, September 4. Although, two launchers of the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system are already operational, the possible environmental impact of the US system forced Seoul to suspend the installation.
Now the ministry has said:“Four remaining launchers will soon be temporarily deployed through consulations between South Korea and the US to counter growing nuclear and missile threats from the North.”
However, the deployment has infuriated China, which has long argued it will destabilise the region and has retaliated against Seoul through unofficial economic sanctions.
According to The Australian, a news media website, South Korea says it’s preparing fresh military drills with its ally the United States and ramping up its ballistic missile defences in response to North Korea’s sixth and most powerful nuclear test.
The United Nations Security Council was set to meet later on Monday to discuss fresh sanctions against the isolated regime. US President Donald Trump had also asked to be briefed on all available military options, according to his defence chief.
The country said its sixth nuclear test was a perfect success.
This was especially scary since hours earlier seismologists had detected an earth tremor. Pyongyang said it had tested a hydrogen bomb which is many times more powerful than an atomic bomb.


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