Magic mouth meets with Mr Rational on tnTV-Discussed his career and success.

Magic mouth meets with Mr Rational on tnTV-
Discussed his career and success.Mr Rational in a recent chat, talked about his lovely family, good fortune and ever-rising fame in this revealing interview with MAGIC MOUTH D’comedian of The TNTV and Wazobia fm has aired his views on his comedy career so far and how fulfilled he is with it. Read excerpts from the interview below.

Magic Mouth: what are your other names ?    

Mr Rational: My names are Hope Emeka Okwakpam. And I am staged Mr Rational

Magic Mouth: Let us into your background:

Mr Rational: I grew up from the family of 10. I am the second male child. We hail from Rumuji Emohual local government area in Rivers State Nigeria.

 Magic mouth: Apart from comedy do u have any other carrier ?

Mr Rational: I am a musician, I’m an actor and I’m a writer as well. I believe in focusing on your passion and this is my passion. I do get tired doing any other kind of business besides entertainment. That’s not to say I can’t have other businesses outside this field but this is the ones I like to run most.

Magic mouth: Are you really making money from comedy , I just want to confirm cos I  heared u are making enough money from it : 

Mr Rational: Who told you I’m making money from this? (laughs) I just wanted to entertain people. The fact that it’s paying is an added bonus; money is never a priority in anything I do. If I die today, I’m not going to take the money with me. I take my life one day at a time and I do things that make me happy. Entertainment is part of my life, all I do is put smile on people’s faces.

Magic mouth: Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?   

Mr Rational: laughs I am not in the class of people who look that far, I see myself on per second billing I want to see that the The Rational comedy gravitate from mins – hours – days – weeks – months… It has to be consistent. I just wish I could have a TV series in all channel and my comedy displayed in all tv channels Home and abroad. I am working tirelessly not just for me and my family but for those around me too.

Magic mouth: What is the hardest thing in comedy?   

Mr Rational: It is putting your jokes together and convincing yourself that this joke can fly. I’d continually encourage people to put in more effort and be consistent and do something that will get to the people. One other important thing is that if you can have any good thing that people can identify you with it means that you are ready to fly and that is very difficult because it doesn’t come easy. You must put extra work into your craft and cut across the people to gain a general acceptance.

Magic mouth: What’s THE RATIONAL comedy club all about?   

Mr Rational: Basically, THE RATIONAL comedy club is something I came up with to discover talents and bring out the best in them and the reason for that is that it actually gave me the opportunity and I noticed that if you have an opportunity or the platform, you are likely to excel because I just said to myself in 2015 that if I should create a platform that people can come into and dwell and also go into the industry through it, I did be the most happiest person on earth. And finally the dream was achieved and Now it is working very well for a good number of talents today. So the idea was just to discover talents and bring out the best in them.

Magic mouth: Can we get into your private life

Mr Rational: Yea we can

Magic mouth: Okay How do you relax?

Mr Rational: That is a serious question and everybody do ask me that question everyday. However It is a question my family would have loved to answer on my behalf.

 Magic mouth: How comfortable are you?   

Mr Rational: I am very comfortable. I may not have all the mansions now but I know I will have all those in no time because I know creativity helps a man achieve a lot. Right now I am comfortable that I can afford to eat any meal and buy anything I want with my family.

Magic mouth: What keeps you going?

Mr Rational: I love when people challenge me. Or say I can’t do some things. As soon as I hear that I will make sure I get to a point where those sayings will be changed. And prove to them that there is ability in disability.

Magic mouth: How do u feel when people 
don't take you seriously: 

Mr Rational: People don’t take me serious most of the time. While I recognize the fact that it’s the love of what I do that triggers it, sometimes it’s just depressing especially when you are having a bad day. You want to get on to something serious and people just see you and think it’s a joke. I guess it’s the most painful thing ever.

Magic mouth: How has life been treating you lately?

Mr Rational: I thank God, life has been so good, positive and I have been working on the brand, Rational Comedy making it look more attractive and appealing so that it can be widely accepted.

Magic mouth: Did you imagine the success will come so quick?

Mr Rational: For where ,not at all. The only thing God has given me from time to time is the courage of believing in anything. All I need is to believe I can do it. I am a product of the street. So if there are success coming in they are as a result of my street credibility.

Magic mouth: What are the sources of your jokes?

Mr Rational: Well sometimes the joke comes from God almighty and most at times I get my jokes from the activities of things in our environment , I read lots of books and materials. I do a lot of research on the internet about different terminologies that has to do with the issues of life.

Magic mouth: If you were to relate your life to a proverb what would it be?

Mr Rational: well on my own I can say ”Even if u are untop don’t get tired, keep going higher until u are untop of the toppest top ”

Magic mouth: What are the three things you can't do without?

Mr Rational: I can’t do without God, music and somehow I can’t do without comedy. Because I love things that can make me laugh.

Magic mouth: What are your best moments 

Mr Rational: Whenever am on stage, the crowd reactions usually makes me feel awesome. it makes me happy and that is why I love my fans so much.

Magic mouth: So What advice would you give to those out there 

Mr Rational : No much thing rather I will tell you out there to keep believing in yourself. No matter what obstacle surfaced on your way, don’t ever, when I say don’t ever I mean don’t ever give up. Believe in God too and keep praying. One day in a short period of time Your turn must surely come. Amen.

 Magic Mouth: So how can you be reached  

Mr Rational: Alright for sponsorship and Bookings, Also if want to place an advert on my videos: Call/whatsapp on 07014257070 or Email:

Thank you


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