2baba or no 2baba, we will protest on February 6 – Nigerians react to Tuface canceling protest

we must protest

  Following the announcement that the planned protest to be led by popular musician Innocent Idibia, more commonly known as 2baba or Tuface, has been canceled, many Nigerians have turned their anger on the one they were supporting. 

You must be a coward Tuface, we will still protest on February 6 – Nigerians react to 2baba’s cancellation of protest
2baba, who was seen as the ‘poster boy’ of the protest, shared a video on his Instagram handle, on Saturday, February 4, where he announced the cancellationof the planned protest due to security concerns and public safety consideration.
Below are some reactions from Nigerians to the cancellation, on Facebook and Twitter:
One Facebook user, by the name of Chimaobi Victor said:”You must be a coward Tuface.”
Another Facebook user, Edu Collins said:”Tuface why?.couldn’t you had stood your ground?.why raise the hope of Nigerians only to dash it at the last minute?.ok I agree you were threatened, but chickening out now was so childish, immature & inconsistent of you.
“Nigerians believed and trusted you & some went as far as buying the touch of green, while many living outside the two major cities of the protest travelled by air and road from their respective abodes to lend their voices and support to the protest.
“Many saw this as a movement and not just an ordinary protest. But you just killed it, I don’t know what your reasons were, but what ever it was and is, is not worth it brother Tuface.
It’s not over yet, we will rise and make our voices heard in this nation one day.”


On Twitter, someone suggested that he might have been forced to cancel and record a video:
The official handle of EiE Nigeria says the planned marches will go on without Tuface:
The hashtag #IStandWithNigeria is now trending on Twitter, one user said:


The general consensus seems to be that the protest on February 6 will go on as planned.
Below is a video of 2face canceling the protest:


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