Mr 2kay bio

Mr 2kay was born Abinye David Jumbo in Port Harcourt where he first lived before he left with his single mother to Bonny Island. He got interested in music by first listening to the Highlife music his mother played while he was growing up. He then found himself singing while assisting his mum hawk food stuff on the street to support his single mum at the age of twelve.
He was dubbed a good sales man as many wanted to buy from him because he always created a song by with whatever he was hawking at the time and will sing on the streets to attract customers. Mr 2kay was also a good crafts man as he drew portraits while growing up
After his primary and secondary education he left Bonny Island for Port Harcourt with a bid to gain admission into the University. Though he gained admission into the University of Port Harcourt for visual arts but differed the admission at some point because of lack of funds. During this period he found a place at the water front area in Port Harcourt popularly known as waterside. He resided here and did all sorts of odd jobs to support himself.
After differing, Mr 2kay then decided to take advantage of the construction stage of the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Project taking place in his home town Bonny Island to raise funds for his education. He got a job and thought he saved enough to last him for a session hoping to get another job while in school. He exhausted the funds he gathered for his education while in school because he underestimated the cost of living and decided to face his inner borne career which is music.
Mr 2kay can be described as the recent pride of the Niger Delta and Nigeria and the future of the King of the Entertainment industry of the south south and Nigeria at large based on our current projections. Mr 2kay was picked up by Grafton entertainment in July 2010 as an unknown kid who wanted to get into the music business. Grafton Records assessed his talent and recruited him to undergo an apprentice session before he was presented to the Port Harcourt Entertainment scene. Within 2011 and 2012 when he released his first album titled waterside boy which was also a ground breaking single from the waterside boy collection he became the most talked about artiste within the region and was nominated as the Next rated artiste at the Niger delta Advancement awards.
In October 2012 he was picked by the organisers of Nigerian carnival UK to represent the south south Nigerian in a performance in London.
In 2012 he also started his charity event where he goes to the waterside to give food stuff to the elderly and school kits the kids. He also performed free for the waterside community as his way of giving back. This Mr 2kay has now turned to an annual event
Since then Mr 2kay broke out nationally and internationally in 2013 being hosted and performing at events across Nigeria and in the United Kingdom. Mr 2kay has worked with the likes of Iyanya, Chidinma , Illbliss, Rugged man, Duncan Mighty and he is currently working with Kcee.
In the United Kingdom Mr 2kay worked with May7ven and Moelogo on the remix of his hit single Bubugaga.
Bubugaga got play listed in mainstream UK radio stations of the likes of Kissfm, Capital Xtra and at one time became the weekend anthem on BBC 1xtra radio. It also got played on Mtvbase Uk, Channel 4 music and was reviewed by Mobo awards as the hottest afrobeat record in December 2013.
Mr 2kay also got reviewed by mainstream UK Press the Daily Mirror giving him 4 stars for his recent UK released single Bubugaga.( Daily mirror 17thJan 2014)
His Bubugaga track has projected him towards the highest heights of Afropop in the United Kingdom and more is expected from him in the UK
He has been mentioned by Nigerian Entertainment authoritative Journal (NIGERIAN ENTERTAINMENT TODAY) as one of the acts to explode in 2014.(January 2014 1stweek edition)
Mr 2kay has also been nominated for as Diospora artiste of the year in the 2014 Nigerian Entertainment
Awards set to take place in new york in August 2014
Grafton records projection for Mr 2kay was to make him an A class brand of Artiste in Nigeria by 2016 but it seems his hard work together with his talent and humility is pushing him faster to achieve this in no distant time.


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